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Just about two years

April 6, 2013

It’s just about been two years since I have stepped on stage and to be honest I don’t miss competing or contest prep. Yes, I liked how lean I got and how I looked when I was getting close to a show, but there’s so much I don’t miss. I don’t miss weighing and measuring all my food, I don’t miss the six hours of cardio I was doing a week, and I don’t miss feeling like the gym was a job and if I missed a single workout it would be the end of the world. 

In the past couple of years I’ve gotten myself back to the point where working out is fun and I enjoy going to the gym. For about six to nine months after my last show the drive just wasn’t there. I would go, but I didn’t push as hard and it felt like I had to be there because it was good for me and would keep me from getting fat after competing. 

Now I’m at a point where I no longer weigh or measure my food and I no longer weigh myself on a daily basis. I threw out my bathroom scale and kitchen scale and now focus on making healthy choices when I eat and eating foods that fuel my body for the workouts I’m doing now. And you know what, I look fine, I feel much better about myself, and I’m living life.

Right now my workouts consist of running four days a week and doing Crossfit four to five days a week and I love it. Crossfit appeals to the competitive side of me and I’m always pushing when I go to classes and striving to get better. I’ve also gotten a lot stronger since I’ve started doing Crosfit. I can now do four unassisted dead hang pull ups in a row and when I started my deadlift one rep max was 205 and now my 3 rep max is 230. That’s a big increase in five months. Doing Crossfit has also made me a better runner. 

For the rest of this year my goals are to achieve a new 5km personal best, my previous is 21:49, I would also like to achieve a new 10km personal best, my previous is around 48 mins. I will also run two to three half marathons. As for Crossfit goals I want to be able to do 10 unbroken kipping pull-ups, learn chest to bar pull ups, do 50 unbroken double unders, and improve on all my skills.  My plan for next year is to do the Crossfit open. This year I didn’t feel like I was ready to, so I’ll spend the next year preparing so I do it in 2014. 

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