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I’m Back

February 23, 2012

I’m back and it’s time for me to start blogging on a regular basis once again. This year will be a little different then the past two since I’m not dieting down for any shows this year because I really want to focus on some other areas in my life. Even though I’m not dieting for a show, I’m still following a nutrition and workout plan. I started following my new plan on January 3 and have been really happy with how well my body has been responding so far, which has been really exciting because the plan is really different than any of the others I followed in the past. The biggest change with this plan is I’m eating a lot more carbs, and I’m doing a lot less cardio.

It is a little different being really strict about following a plan when I’m not dieting for a show. When I’m getting ready for a show the end goal is always top of mind, but now I don’t have that, which makes it a little easier to play the mind games with myself, where some days I question why I’m so strict, and rigid with my eating and training. The bottom line is I feel better when I eat clean and train hard. The hardest part for me are the days where I feel hungry all day long and just want to eat enough to feel full, but feeling hungry sometimes is something that comes along with getting leaner. My body is in a deficit and doesn’t like being there, so it wants me to eat more. Simple as that. But if I want to reach the leaness I want, I need to find a way to deal with that in a positive manner.

I chose to pursue a goal that is a little harder to achieve and to reach, which means I have to make some sacrifices along the way and work a little harder.

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  1. Christina B. permalink
    March 25, 2012 9:48 am

    You’re on the right track. Keep plugging away and you will get what you want. Persistence is key, even if it is uncomfortable for a while.

    When dieting in general, I’m a big believer in gum, de-caff coffee with almond milk and sweetner and also a good BCAA powder mixed with glutamine or sugar free juice to keep cravings at bay.

    Keep at it!


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